NLA Macedonia – Declaration No.5 (12 May 2015)

Direct translation, sentences are written in a very weird way, very long sentences…this is a direct translation. Didn’t fix bad spelling or constructions. For Albanian version and source, CLICK HERE

Before people start asking, this is an direct translation of what is published by Albanian media (such as Albeu). I only translated it from Albania into English.

Communication No. 5! National Liberation Army, waged a war battle in Kumanovo, in the neighbourhood of the heroes [Lagja e Trimave in Albanian hero], that battle was not unexpected, she came to us as gift of the citizens of the neighbourhood, we personally ask forgiveness for damages and killings, for maltreatment we apologize to you, but some residents should also apologize of the neighbourhood, those people who invited by them self’s the Slavic-Macedonians to conduct a massacre, the luck was on our side.

We stayed for 37 hours in front of the enemy forces,we have shown you that we can wrestle with you, we informed you that we can face you and therefore the lesson of Kumanovo is a lesson to all the traitors and Slavic-Macedonians.

National Liberation Army was the one that realized the arena of war and no one else, there was neither a member who is called each time on behalf of AKSH (Armata Kombetare Shqiptare) these individuals who are disappeared certainly when we started preparations, as well as the self-proclaimed Komadant Hamdi Ndrecaj which did go public that he joined the KLA and it is a scenario the of countless lies of Hamdi Ndrecaj, a manipulator that each is always trying to manipulate times.

Either of AKSH and GRI are individuals, not an Army. We have made the war in the war of Kosovo, in the war of Lugina (South-Serbia), in war of Iliriyia 2001 / 2005 /. Dear Albanians, every war has winners and losers.

None of us who have accepted to be in the service of our motherland, are not manipulators and we believe we aren’t betrayed and manipulated by Sokol, and we will always believe in Commandant Sokol, but that the did manipulate Sokol does not let us say that Commandant Sokol is a traitor. No, commandant Sokol has sacrificed himself for all the others even that he had the ability to leave with the other groups who left under the protections of Sokoli, so Commander Sokol is a HERO .

Leadership of the UÇK, informs everyone, our forces are totally organized in the zones they are active in, ready and capable, with enough resources for going on with the war against the criminal structures of FYROM. Official “slender” of Jankullovka have proven untrue in this case.

I hereby notified Albanian government in Tirana and Pristina, far away from diplomatic words that are invaluable for this situation, to bring attention to the positive response to the European international organizations, to stop police violence on the civilian population of innocuous.

We will not bear the responsibility for those Albanians who remain within the police and military structures of the state in FYROM.

The structures of the National Liberation Army are there to protect the population and you we call upon the citizens to be careful and stay away from the clashes with the gun. All together, against the slanders, lies, separations and pseudo-patriotic accusations, we are confident that we would topple down this criminal regime, to pave the way to freedom and national dignity.

The fighters of the National Liberation Army, are the only formation in FYROM, who will stand to defend the people and will destroy the bad seed that has sprung [talking about Government] and continues to feed by the crime.

Every day that is passing, against slogans and smear that are spreading from all sides, the National Liberation Army ranks are growing with boys from all the Albanian territories.

The force loyal to the ideals and last wishes of the martyrs, will fight to the end, to a national Albanian state, free and clean. Today we are stronger, and tomorrow we will be even stronger. #WE CONTINUE, THE WAR IS NOT OVER.

Long live the Albanian nation. Commander: Shtegtari i Lirise, National Liberation Army. General Staff, Gostivar Date: 12 May 2015 12:30